Contact Discovery

Builds a custom database according to clients requirement this database can be role-based as well. All contacts provided to the client will be tele-verified.

Identifying the right decision makers and the ones who influence, is quintessential. We helps organizations in creating a bespoke campaign-specific contact lists.

This ensures optimal connects with the right party contacts.

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Data Nurturing

Cleansing mechanism quickly identifies the errors in the data, appends the unfilled information, removes the duplicate and creates an error free data.

This helps marketeers identify the true result of their marketing campaigns.


Correct details about your account including missing information like complete titles, company details, zip codes, direct   phones, emails

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Account Profiling

Understanding your key strategic accounts is an essential part of the sales cycle. If your sales and marketing teams could have access to real time information such as which of these accounts have active projects, who the decision makers are, what their incumbent technology is or what their perception of your offering or the market is, would they be able to make more sales? We help uncover this with unique and non-intrusive gathering of key intelligence.

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Event Support

We have helped multiple companies from the MICE segment through our expertise in the contact discovery, data management and nurturing.

We have worked on various summits related to Technology and Innovation like the digital officer’s conclave in GCC, various cyber security events in Europe, New age risk management events for the banking, IT and finance industries.